the sky is the limit

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ridickulous readers.. i must leave you all for sometime.. but please keep bangin da blog and get a laugh form my old posts!!!!! oh, and tell all of my niggaz that the sky is the limit…

sunday doneday

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was attempting to force myself out tonight.. but don’t really think this would’ve been a good look at rdv 🙂 waiting for the bud delivery guy instead… goodnight world.. it’s been real.


not everybody, knows how to work my body

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an oldie but a goodie 🙂 see you tonight nysizzle. cheers

gimme some mo

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no one like busta, busta.

happiness hit her like a train on a track

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thanking mother nature for the beautifulll weather todayy…. and the grass in my hand. see you tonight nyc *with a fresh new tan 🙂 ONE LOVE

rain on my head, call it brainstormin

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back to nyc… back to reality of northeast weather. no me gusta.







amazingly beautiful and delicious restaurant  CALIENTE CAB CO. 

i’ve posted this before, but fuck it– i love this mix of #motivation

super mookin fiends

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i met this up and coming hip hop group several weeks ago.. if anyone who i’ve encountered thus far is gonna make it in the biz, it’s them. download now to double ya swagger