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turnin me on

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this made me wet…

and then so did this…

angry gleek

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gimme dat sandwich

i loveeeee glee. it is by far one of the most ridiculous shows on television. (omg last night when they sang Duck Sauce’s Barbra Streisand.. amazeballs!) while i admire the diversity creator ryan murphy emphasizes on the show.. i can’t help but DESPISE the latest character added to the club…. Lauren Zizes. Sorry I’m not sorry but promoting the acceptance of this weight is NOT OK. Amber Riley is the fiercest diva on that show (sorry leah michelle) and though she’s a little overweight, her character was perfect to act as a roll model for the chub chubs of america. Don’t take this the wrong way Ashley Fink (the fat chicks name), you’re a great actress and all, but maybe you should go find a scipt for the cracker version of precious and leave my glee club alone!  just sayin.