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only one thing to do when you quit ya job….

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i met this woman while she was selling her jewelry to the Style Shop at FIT. her pieces are riiidiculousss.

would you light my candle

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i’ve always had a thing for candles.. a) they help cover up smoke b) they smell good and c) they’re an easy chic home accessory. while staring at the light of a candle stoned last week, i realized i could turn that beautiful wax-held container into something! and vwalaaa! beholdddd… make-up and ring holders!!!

cheap n chic n smell like the candle that once was!!!! ladies, i highly recommend this ridiculous way to save the glass of your fav candles! and while you’re here- i couldn’t help but post a twist on rent’s “light my candle” with the one and only ridiculously fashionable whore herself, vanessa hudgens. enjoy.