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happiness hit her like a train on a track

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thanking mother nature for the beautifulll weather todayy…. and the grass in my hand. see you tonight nyc *with a fresh new tan 🙂 ONE LOVE

one love

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today is the 30 year anniversary of bob marley’s death… so go roll something up in honor of the king and feel alrightttt. rip bobbooo

these are currently on their way to me courtesy of my amazinggggg friendss

“money can’t buy life”– bob marley

the word of the day is rufus.. now go and spread it around like wildfire !

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just wanna say thanks so much for all the love i’ve been getting about ma site ! love all of youuu even da haters !!! now go gossip about how ridiculous i am to your friends and pass my blog around like a blunt on a hungover saturday morning!