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disney land

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i could get used to waking up to this (and the hot guy in my bed, which i respectfully will not picture)



escape me

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cant believe my bony ass survived this ridiiiicccculous winter here in the northeast! now it’s finallyyyy time to pa-pa-party on a beach. inhale slow.

view from my friend’s back porch

tomorrow i’m visiting my homegirl at fairfield u in connecticut and since I’m leaving straight from work, i had to pack tonight. if you know me, you know in xtreeeemmmmelyy organized and it’s pretty much the only thing I’m anal about (but that story will come later). so when i pack, i like to put on my latest mix (with real housewives on mute), spark a blunt, and get my ocd on… click here for kudi/tiesto/whitepanda mashup