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like the stone says, don’t fuck with me

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today i quit my job in this….

but i should have done it in this….

anyone need an assistant??? hit me up.

humpday treat

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hope everyone’s having a good humpday!! i’m currently at work enjoying this ridiculoussss double fudge brownie 🙂 even though i wish it had hash in it, it’s still pretty fucking sweet! have a loveeelyyyy day!

i'm gonna make you girls a special hump day treat !

it was only just a dream

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you fancy huh


i heard a rumor among the blogosphere last week that Gwyneth Paltrow was set to become the new face of coach. as the showroom coordinator for their footwear line, i was tickled pink to think (he he i just rhymed) that this was actuallyyy going to happen. well guess what bitch, IT HAS. although i have no idea what my chances of working with her will be, i’m fucking pumped. this is great for the brand, great for our company, and fuck- i could get to dress the toes of GWYNETH FUCKING PALTROW.

ok- so this may not be so exciting for some, but it’s gotta be better than being a college grad.. about to move home.. with their parents.. unemployed.. like i was at this exact same time last year (sorry kids).


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getting back to work after a short vacation to see 934 emails in my inbox… ridiculous.